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About Our Company

Rebirth Detailing is a local detailing company that's looking to serve the metro-Atlanta area. The best thing about our company is that we are mobile, meaning no matter where you are located you can experience our high quality services.


I founded Rebirth Detailing on a whim, I was just a normal person working a regular job. Most of my days included working most of the day and returning home to spend time with family and getting rest. Before long this constant cycle of driving back and forth left my car filthy and I couldn't stand it. However I never really wanted to spend the time deep cleaning my car. I've just worked my butt off and the last thing I wanted to do was spend my free time cleaning that car when I could be resting for the next day. I bet that's relatable.

I found myself in similar situation as you reading this and searched online for a detailer to clean my car. After that detail my car felt reborn. All the stains and smells were gone and it essentially felt like a new car. I will never forget that sensation that clean car gave me. It gave me more motivation and energy to get up everyday and drive even in this Atlanta traffic.

From that day on I started studying the ins and outs of detailing. I became so obsessed with it I created this business so I can help everyone in my community who had a similar problem. Let's face the facts, nothing is better than the feeling of riding in a clean car. However not all of us have the time, energy, or patience to clean out our vehicles. Some of us have kids that create stains were scared to touch or some of us our down right too lazy and that's okay too. That's were we come in and handle it for you. Book with us today to have your vehicle REBORN.

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